Dover Air Force Base Address
RTE 113
Dover, DE 19901

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Dover AFB, Delaware


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Dover Air Force Base

Home to the 436th Airlift Wing, Dover AFB is an Air Force Base located in the state of Delaware, USA. At two-miles distance from the base one can find the interesting Dover, the capital city of Delaware. The base has a total are of 1.7 km2 an area in which soldiers are heavily trained for a military career. This highly-important base for the USA was built in March 1941 and, according to the 2000 population census, it has no less than 3,394 people, 69% of whom are military people.

Colonel Steven B. Harrison, Commander of the 436th Airlift Wing has recently stated once again the historical importance of this base. Named after the near-by city of Dover, the base has always aided the USA in training people for air combat operations and flight-controlled missions. This is not only the primary mission for the base, but also a purpose in itself. The Dover AFB logo reflects this essence, in that it features a falcon carrying the weight of the Earth in its claws this is a way of showing how the Air Forces of the US control the national security.

Recently, Team Dover has participated in a test and deployment exercise and has received press on this occasion. Another event which appeared in the press was the hosting of a leadership course, an event which shows the importance of this base lately not only training elites, but also joining them together. Historically-speaking the base was intended as a municipal airport but it is now far more than that. The training facilities are not different from other US AFBs, they do the standard undergraduate or postgraduate training, but they also have bomber squadrons (which have many B-25 Mitchells) and some examples of the famous P-47 Thunderbolt. The most important recreational activities performed around are sports, which can be practiced in many facilities in Denver.